Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where There's Smoke

There's fire. This is the view from our house right now. Smoky and growing smokier.

There are several fires burning in Tasmania at the moment. This smoke is probably coming from two fires burning in forest close to Cradle Mountain about fifteen to twenty kilometres from us.

The Tasmanian Fire Service website classifies these fires as: 'A fire has started - there is no immediate danger.'

There have been phone calls flying backwards and forwards but so far there isn't any fire close enough for Farmdoc to be called out with the Fire Brigade so we sit tight and watch the smoke grow denser.

It's a little scary though and I've begun wondering what I'd want to take with me if we needed to evacuate. If a fire came through here the fire brigade wouldn't try to fight it because they couldn't be sure they'd have a safe route out. And no building is worth risking our lives for.

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  1. Update. The Mole Creek Brigade was called out overnight. There were two fires: one at Union Bridge and the other in the Gog Ranges. This morning there's much less smoke.