Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Every morning at this time of the year Farmdoc and I start the day by picking raspberries. Our maximum harvest was last Friday, New Year's Day, when we picked one and a quarter kilos. Now we're down to about three-quarters of a kilo each day. We freeze some, eat some, and I'll turn the remainder into enough jam to last the rest of the year on scones, toast and as gifts.

Over the last couple of days I've made the first two batches of jam of the season. Raspberry jam is a pleasure to make because it's pretty, delicious and foolproof.

Take equal quantities of fruit and sugar, a little water, a saucepan big enough for when the mixture boils up, and a good hot stove, and you have all you need.

I measure the berries and sugar by the cup, and leave the sugar to warm while I slowly bring the berries to boil, stirring and mashing as I go.

Once the berries are boiling well, I stir the warmed sugar in. After that it's a matter of allowing the mixture to boil for only around two or three minutes while I prepare my sterilised jars. I test the jam on a saucer I've had waiting in the freezer, but really I know that once you go past the three minute mark you risk caramelising the whole thing.

So easy and so delicious. Absolutely summer in a jar.


  1. In my book, WriterBee, nothing is foolproof - because fools are so ingenious. So you must take the credit for your jam - which I judge to be superlative. Which is no mean praise, because I'm a harsh critic. Well done. And yummmmmmmmmmm. xxxx

  2. WB's jam + FD's bread = delish.