Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rams For Sale

If you want Border Leicester rams you'd better be quick. We had six for sale but there's a shortage, ours are extremely well priced, and this year there's strong demand. We ran this advertisement in this week's Tasmanian Country and already all our boys have just about gone.

Border Leicesters are very pretty sheep, I reckon. They're the type of sheep that starred in the film, Babe. This is one who came for afternoon tea.

And these two offered a lawn mowing service.

People ask me how I can eat our own sheep. The truth is I find it hard to eat any meat whose provenance I don't know. I know where and how these sheep have lived, how they've been treated and how humanely they'll be killed.

This one's out for a stroll with Sharon, our share farmer.

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