Monday, February 1, 2010

Fire, Fire

No photos for this post. Don't feel like it. Farmdoc is off fighting a fire not far from here. I'm worried about him and I'm worried about the fire.

Sharon, our share farmer, and I have just been on the phone discussing what we'll do with our livestock if the fire comes through here. As for our possessions, we both decided we'll walk out the door with almost nothing: for me it's my laptop and my new iPod Touch on which I am playing Scrabble with a stranger in New York. My opponent's in bed now. At least she's stopped making moves and it's late there, and I guess she's female, though why I say that I don't know.

It's not that I don't love all my old pottery, and the kitchen paraphernalia that used to belong to Farmdoc's grandmother, and all the other bits and pieces I've garnered over the years that tell so many stories. My father's rowing cups from before the Second World War, paintings, books, books and more books, my collection of enamel candlestick's just that I can't be bothered with any of it right now.

I'm just babbling. Call it nerves.

The other thing I'm doing at the moment, when I'm not compulsively typing, is cleaning. Farmdoc will be pleased. I NEVER clean. So far I've scrubbed the back porch wall and mopped the porch floor. Now I think I'm going to go off to sweep and mop the floors inside the house, and for some reason I feel like making jelly. Jelly? Who knows why? Childhood comfort food maybe.

There's very little smoke here so the fire can't be headed in this direction, can it? Though I know a wind change can make a huge difference. Last night's fires were deliberately lit. This one probably was too.

I don't want to ring anyone to talk about it because I don't want to worry them. And besides, there's nothing to worry about, is there?

The Tasmanian Fire Service website currently informs me about the fire at Liena Road, Mole Creek:
TFS and Forestry Tasmania crews are currently on-site, working to contain and bring the fire under control.

OK, which flavour jelly shall I make?


  1. Update. Farmdoc arrived home last night around 8.30, smelling of smoke. The fire was still going but a helicopter was dropping water on areas they couldn't get to and a bulldozer was due to arrive to make a firebreak.

    Farmdoc thought they might have to return this morning but the fire's status now is 'patrol', so it's quiet for the moment.

    And meanwhile we have a clean house and a big bowl of trifle. Lucky we're expecting visitors!

  2. I feel for you. During summer, we usually have fires where we are too. Thankfully, none this year, but it is very scary when it happens. Hope things are better there soon.
    Wendy xx

  3. Stop and go jelly next time?

    Glad the fires are all under control. xx

  4. The worst part of the fires is that they were all deliberately lit. Now we've had some heavy rain I'm hoping the bush'll be less flammable and maybe less attractive to firebugs.

    The visitors loved the jelly, which they, being Canadian, call jello.

  5. Poor you- how scary! hope all is OK now. x