Saturday, November 28, 2009

That's nyoice, that's different, that's unewesyewl!

I wasn't going to play the My Place and Yours game this week. I only joined in last time because my gorgeous daughter Kate was theme queen. I found I was a bit distracted all week, constantly looking at what other people had posted, dying to see how other bloggers had interpreted the theme. But then Pip chose me as one of her favourite collections of the week! My very first attempt! And then I found Toni's choice of theme for this week quite irresistible.

The thing about our house that I find unusual is that we don't have a front door. It's not unusual in the country to use the back door, but we don't have any choice in the matter: there simply isn't a front door to use if we wanted to.

It's our own fault. We built this house and we just didn't include one. We forgot. So all our guests come in through the laundry. I just have to make an effort to hide the dirty underwear.

The thing that most visitors find unusual about our house is that we don't have curtains or blinds. That's because the eaves keep unwanted sun out, and with a 1-kilometre driveway we have no need to protect our privacy.

Thanks, Toni, for the interesting and unewesyewel theme. I'm sure I'll waste a lot of time this week dropping by Meet Me At Mike's to see what everyone else is confessing to.


  1. wow now that is unusual, quirky in fact and i def like quirky lol!..btw that reminds me my 'new' house doesn't have a back door, how funny is that!?

  2. I think it would take a while to get used to no window coverings! But I love the idea of not having curtains to wash!!! lol

    What better way to waste time all week than nosey in other peoples lives? It's quite fun & addictive isn't it?

  3. wow that is fantastic, i love that you forgot to include a front door

  4. No door fantastic, imagine what your writers mind could do with that! I agree at how addictive and fun this all is ... see you next week ;)

  5. we could definately do without our front door - so rarely it gets used. How lovely not to need curtains!

  6. With a view like that you wouldn't want curtains!