Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mole Creek Food Mile Market

Yesterday was the second ever Mole Creek Food Mile Market. The market was launched on 350 Reverse Climate Action Day, Saturday October 24th, and is the brainchild of Laurie Rose who owns our local Guest House and Laurel Berry Restaurant. Stall holder fees support the local community tourism association. The market is a small but excellent attempt to promote the idea of buying local.

Yesterday there wasn't much in the way of fresh produce for sale (though we arrived quite late and maybe there had been more earlier in the day), but it's still too cold here for much. There was some lovely fresh garlic, jars of jams and preserves, some hand knitting and other local arts and crafts, bags of Alpaca poo and plenty of enthusiasm.

There was also a stall promoting a community radio station that will be run out of Deloraine and transmit in our area, commencing some time next year. Farmdoc's ears pricked up at that. He did a presenter's training course at 3CR a number of years ago and went on to host a programme until we left Melbourne. I'll be staying tuned to see what comes of this.

The next market will be held on Boxing Day and my guess is there'll be plenty of fresh local produce at that one. Maybe we'll need to get up earlier to be there before it sells out.

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  1. That's fantastic!

    Who doesn't love a great local food market?