Thursday, November 12, 2009

Book Launch

This evening's the launch of Alzheimer's: a love story, the story of my parents and the love they shared, love that did not end with the onset of my mother's Alzheimer's Disease.

Speech written. Check.
Extract to read chosen. Check.
Outfit laid out ready to wear. Check.
Hair washed. Checked.
Cookies baked. Check.
Sweets bought. Check.
Farmdoc here. Check.
All systems go.

I'm feeling excited and a little nervous. I'm sure I'll be overwhelmed once I'm there, surrounded by friends, family, well wishers and members of my wonderful writing community. But I hope I can enjoy it too.

My mother would have been so proud and happy for me. 'You look beautiful,' she'd have whispered to me when she saw me. It wouldn't even have been the words so much as the tone and the look on her face.

I hope the evening's not too difficult for my father without his beloved tucked in close to him. But I'm proud of my book and I know he is too. And I'm moved by the support everyone has given me.


  1. all the best for tonight!!

  2. Just remember to breathe...
    Best wishes for tonight xo

  3. I am a 'blogging friend' of Kate's (as in, no, I haven't met her!) so thought I would drop by and say I hope it all went well. I am going to have a look at some of those books you are reading or just read- The Guernsey L&PPPS is on my bed side table waiting to be started, and I have enjoyed some of Anne Tyler's other books so might have a look at that one you mention.
    Well done on your book,

  4. Vivienne, I just read the last pages of your book.
    I wanted to stop by and tell you how wonderful I think this book is.
    I so enjoyed learning about your family history, told with such colourful and touching stories.
    I enjoyed getting to know your parents. Who they were and who they came to be.
    I also enjoyed getting to know you more through the pages of the book.
    Many times I cried while reading the pages. Even in the first couple of paragraphs of the preface I was reaching for the tissues. But I also smiled ... LOTS. I loved the telling of the balabusta stories, your Dad's bagel runs, your parents love for each other.
    Thankyou for writing it and sharing it with me.
    Much love,

    PS I hope the launch was wonderful tonight.

  5. I am a friend of Romy's from California (I met her while living in Australia) who feels incredibly lucky and sincerely honored that she sent me your beautiful book. I am not one with words but wanted to let you know how moved I was by your book. I am so impressed with the way you were able to convey your love for both of your parents, and especially the love they felt for one another. What an amazing legacy your mother has left and your father continues to create. I can't say enough about your book and the entire story of the Same family. I only wish I could have met both your parents when I was down there.

    Sincerely, Josh Rosenberg

  6. Thank you all so much for those beautiful comments. Receiving them added to the excitement and joy of the day - especially really as you all came to me through other members of my family. That made me feel even more surrounded by well wishers, and underlined for me the support I have received from my daughters and all my extended family.
    Andi, I'm so happy you won the giveaway. Thanks so much for letting me know that you loved the book.
    And Josh, I think your way with words is excellent. Any friend the beautiful Romy thought would appreciate the book is bound to be pretty special.
    Thank you all!