Friday, August 14, 2009

People With Glasshouses

Farmdoc and I have been talking about getting a hothouse since we first moved to Mole Creek, nearly seven years ago. We have such a short summer growing season here, with frosts well into November, that by the time our vegetables get going it's autumn again and they are running a race against winter.

When we first laid out the vegetable garden we even left a hothouse-sized space.

For all these years Farmdoc has been researching makes and models and we've made trips to a number of outlets to examine various options but somehow we never seemed to get around to buying one. Then our friend Dorothy, who is moving from the area, said she would sell us hers. So this morning John and Dorothy arrived with the hothouse in tow.

It took a bit of work to hoist it over the vegetable garden fence and into position.

And then it had to be concreted in.

Finally it was in place and set up ready to receive the seeds of our summer salads.

I don't think it'll take us as long to fill as it did to buy it. Right now we're making lists of vegetables and herbs that will benefit from a head start.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations!

    "Finally it was in place and set up ready to receive the seeds of our summer salads."

    I love this sentence, WB.

    I look fwd to seeing its progress and what you grow in it. xx