Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bridge Too Far

One of my favourite parts of our farm is the bridge over the Mole Creek that you have to cross to get to the front gate. We love it so much we even named the farm after it: Onemilebridge.

Every time I cross the bridge I enjoy its quiet beauty. We've held parties and picnics and platypus viewing sessions on its aged wooden boards and our friend Janet has even caught trout from it.

In fact Janet loves the bridge so much she gave me a painting of it for my birthday last year.

It's our only link by road to the outside world - though we can drive cross-country through our neighbour's farm and out through her front gate if we're desperate.

Yesterday, when we were returning home, we discovered that one of the four huge logs that supports the bridge had rotted so much it had fallen away. Today we cancelled our arrangements so nobody would be driving heavy vehicles across. We've often joked about hauling up the drawbridge across the moat. Today it really felt like that.

It'll be time-consuming and expensive to replace the old bridge but the worst part of it is parting with the picturesque old structure we've enjoyed for so long.

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