Friday, August 7, 2009

New Kid on the Block

Look what we found when we were feeding out hay to the goats this afternoon!

The first kid of the year!

These are not great photos but the first kid of the year is always an exciting moment. You can't tell from the picture, but she's a girl.

This is very early for us. We normally don't start kidding here until late October or early November, but this year we're trying something different. It's cold and wet in Mole Creek still so I hope this new little one does well.


  1. ooohhhh! That makes my insides all gooey. There is a little girl who follows me around at the moment singing "school one day, school one day...."

  2. For anyone reading this without a toddler in tow..."school one day, school one day' is a line from Mary Had a Little Lamb.