Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wombat Ben's First Day

Ben was not to be seen this morning, but there was plenty of evidence of his presence:

Some  loose poo, though that's to be expected from the stress of the move.

Some serious renovation of the main burrow. The Poa that was there yesterday looks like it's been demolished. And the hay has disappeared too.

Some evidence of digging beneath the hollow log.

This is a huge move for Ben, away from what is probably the only home he can remember, but so far it looks like he's about on track. We left some food in the container in the kennel and we'll return periodically to check if he's eaten it. Normally we'd remove his poo every morning, but for the moment we'll leave it where it is so he can begin to feel at home.

It's nice to have a wombat back in the Wombat Hilton. I know it's stressful for Ben right now but I'm sure in a couple of days he'll be settled in and ready to begin his transition back into the wild where he belongs.


  1. Vivienne,the adventures of Ben remind me of the wonderful children's book 'The Diary of a Wombat' by Jackie French. Hope Ben enjoys his stay at the Wombat Hilton(lucky boy!) and has a smooth transition back into his natural habitat.

  2. Thanks, Judith. I love that book. Jackie French is terrific!

    I always worry about the wombats to begin with. It must be so strange for them - and for their carers too, I reckon. Then they settle and we release them and mostly they never look back.