Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Wombat Ben Did Next

It's interesting to watch Wombat Ben adjust to his new circumstances and to see his natural instincts come to the fore. While he lived with his previous carers he regarded them as members of his family. Even when they transferred him to an outdoor enclosure he used to perch on a log each morning, waiting for them to arrive with his food. When they turned up he'd follow them around, nipping their legs when he could. When they tried to collect his poo he'd often sit on it to protect it.

Since he's been here at Onemilebridge he's been mostly nocturnal. Certainly, as soon as he's sensed our presence he's hidden in his burrow. This is a step forward as he learns not to bond with humans in his progression towards returning to the wild.

Gradually, though, he's begun coming out early in the day to eat.

And he's been up to some serious renovation. He's pulled a long piece of wood across to the mouth of his burrow and stuck it in place with a mortar of mud.

We think this is to protect the burrow from rain as its entrance had become quite open.

He's also been digging in other places, including under the hollow log.

He's certainly leaving his mark on the Wombat Hilton! It'll never be the same again.


  1. The photographs of Ben are gorgeous Vivienne! You have your own little rock star trashing his Hotel room !! :) So interesting to follow his daily progress.

  2. he is so cute I can hardly stand it!!

  3. Judith, I love your idea of Ben as rock star trashing his hotel room! And he may be evicted sooner than planned if he keeps going this way. He's definitely the most active renovator we've had, which I reckon means he's about ready to cope with the outside world.

    I agree, Cath. He really is adorable. And with a mind of his own!