Sunday, May 9, 2010


Although we live only about an hour from Cradle Mountain we usually need an excuse to go there.

A visitor is always a good reason, especially one from from overseas. Yesterday's justification was the autumn foliage of the deciduous beech, Nothofagus gunnii, Tasmania's only native winter-deciduous plant.

Normally the leaves go from vivid green in spring to dark green in summer, through yellow to bright red in autumn before they fall, leaving a wonderful confetti underfoot. This year the foliage seem to have got stuck on yellow, but the trees are still beautiful. It was a cold day but we rugged up in jackets and scarves, gloves and woollen hats and kept warm by walking.

It's such a magical place. Every corner you turn reveals more beauty.

Whenever we go we say how lucky we are to live so close and how we should visit more often. Then we get busy and forget. This time we swear we'll return in mid winter. I hope we do. These photos are lovely but it's not just how pretty Cradle Mountain is; it's the effect the landscape has on you, the way the spirit of the ancient wilderness reaches out and melts the hard shell that civilisation constructs around us all.

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