Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mole Creek Autumn

This year autumn has been particularly mellow and fruitful at Onemilebridge.

There are fungi everywhere you look. Some are clearly poisonous, some we're not sure about and others I've already turned into soup and pizza topping.

We went shopping for a new ram to service our Border Leicester ladies, though he won't go out until next month. We like to lamb in mid to late spring here.

We ate too many matzah balls, Farmdoc made perfect crossless hot cross buns, but somehow I seem to have missed out on easter eggs.

And we took advantage of the pleasant weather to sit outside whenever we could. It won't last much longer. May is usually the cloudiest month of the year here and we'll soon be lighting the heater and rugging up.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Writerbee
    I feel so blessed that:

    1. Mole Creek Autumn this year was so...autumnal
    2. you were here in Mole Creek sharing it with me
    3. you have the talent to blog about it so evocatively, including the superb photographs you took
    4. you are you.

    With all my love
    Farmdoc xxxxx