Sunday, October 18, 2009

Patches Leaping

This is a photo I have been trying to take for ages. These are two of our neighbour Sharon's dogs in their run. That's Timmy with all four feet on the ground and that's Patches leaping with excitement and natural exuberance.

Whenever the dogs see us approaching, they encourage along us with a frenzy of barks, and Patches hurls herself into the air against the side of the shed. The trick to getting the photo this time was to press the button before the dog became airborne.

On our way to feed the dogs Farmdoc and I came across this new member of our farm family. Welcome to Onemilebridge, little feller.

Then, on our way home through the sycamore forest that I blogged about yesterday, our path was blocked by several trees that must have fallen overnight.

That's Farmdoc surveying the damage. It'll take him an hour with the chainsaw, he thinks, to clear the track. The good news is that none of them fell across a fence, which is the natural path of any falling tree.

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