Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The First Review

Is it vain to blog about a good review? If I do then am I going to be honest enough to blog about bad reviews if and when they come my way?

Mm. I'm not sure, but surely there's an exemption for the first review! I've just had mine. It's in Bookseller and Publisher and describes Alzheimer's: a love story as 'powerful and rewarding'. The full review is on my website

The reviewer goes on to say, amongst other lovely things, 'The author’s journalistic skills prevent the book from being bogged down by trivia or bathos.' I'm particularly proud of that. Deciding what to leave out, especially of my parents' fascinating history, was one of the hardest things I had to do. I often discussed it with my dad when I was interviewing him, and he understood completely. In future I might blog some of the stories that didn't make the final cut.

I recently read an interview with Lorrie Moore (pictured) where she discusses reviews: 'Book reviews have to be ignored, if possible, even if they are lovely,' she says. 'Book reviews are a conversation others are having. If as a writer you read them you will overhear that conversation.'

That seems like wise advice: eavesdroppers never hear good of themselves. But I do have to admit, reading the first review of my book did make me feel like a proper author, and I always adore listening in to other people's private conversations. That's bad, I know, but I find them hard to resist - that keyhole insight into someone else's private life.

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  1. This review will, of course, be the first of several. And I'd be astounded if almost all were not positive - or even glowingly so. For your book is a treasure waiting to be discovered and then relished by all its readers. As you are a treasure for me. Alway's have been, always will be. With my love and admiration, from Farmdoc. xxxx