Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Full Charge Ahead

Last Monday our solar system reached full charge for only the third time for the month of September. Last September we were fully charged three times for the entire month, but as there is another week to go we may beat this target this year. Last August we got to full charge on 14 days; this August we didn't make it once.

It's been a long cold wet winter, and so far a wet spring. Tonight again we were happy to tuck into a bowl of vegetable soup.

Sadly, we only managed to keep two of the kids that were born in early August. And today Mrs T, an elderly and much loved Toggenburg goat, lay down and had to be helped to her feet. In our experience goats really don't deal well with rain.

Today there was snow on the Great Western Tiers. No wonder we can hardly remember our recent holiday in northern Queensland. Still, there's new growth in the paddocks, and we've begun to cut down the quantity of hay we're feeding out. The cold weather can't last forever; soon we'll be complaining about the heat and the lack of rain.

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