Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life Be In It

This morning I went with my father to a small ceremony at Holmesglen TAFE where he presented scholarships on behalf of the Mick Young Scholarship Trust.

Mick Young was a much loved member of the Australian Labor Party, Member of Parliament and Federal Cabinet Minister who was greatly mourned when he died aged 59.

The Mick Young Scholarship Trust was formed in his honour, its purpose being to assist financially disadvantaged students to further their education. My father, who was an admirer and close friend of Mick's, has been one of the fund's trustees since its inception.

This morning he mingled with the students and then made a short speech in which he talked of how Mick had left school just before he turned 14, working first as a roustabout and then as a shearer, eventually rising to high office.

Dad joked that although he was nearly 91 he still hoped to hear of many achievements made by this group.

The recipients are studying a variety of courses including English as a Second Language, Aged Care, Hospitality and Tiling.

It was inspiring and moving for me to see the courtesy and warmth on both sides and how well the students responded to Dad.

It was also inspiring to me to see how much my father engages with and contributes to society at his age and at a time when he is so grief stricken by the loss of my mother.


  1. What an amazing man. A beautiful post, WB.

  2. I agree. Such a beautiful post. I think it is important for us to witness those we love outside our usual family interactions to remember who they are as well as who we know them to be. X

  3. Yes. Nice post. But where's the recipe? Actually this post does contain a recipe - just not a food recipe. xx

  4. A beautiful post and I am sure the day meant all the more with his beautiful daughter there with him. xx