Friday, May 29, 2009

Best Seller

My friend Brett Hoffmann's new book, The Contract, has hit the shops. It's now on display, centre stage, amongst the best sellers. I can't wait to read it - I believe it's a ripping yarn. I'll get my hands on a copy as soon as I arrive back in the big smoke.

You can read an extract here. The Contract is Penguin's Crime Book of the Month and if you don't like it you can get your money back. Sounds a deal too good to resist.

It's Brett's first book but already he's well into his second. I'd say he's set for a long career as a thriller writer. Congratulations, Brett! Hope it tops the charts!


  1. Hi, Is Brett Australian? We're just editing a review of his book over at The Reading Stack and and were searching the net to find out if he was.We like to highlight Aussie authors for our readers. :) Sandy

  2. He certainly is an Aussie. He lives in Melbourne. You might also be interested in my book, Alzheimer's: a love story, which is coming out in November, published by Scribe.

  3. We loved the book and our review can be found at our blogspot. Could you pass this on to Brett.

    Barbara Brown
    Senior Editor

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  5. Amazing review. I'm sure Brett'll be thrilled. I just received a copy of the book as a belated Mothers Day gift. I didn't have to wait to get back to a city either. My copy was bought at the newsagents in Deloraine, Tasmania.