Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Cure

This is the time of year we here in Mole Creek suffer from an acute form of hay fever. This condition involves constant observation and discussion of the weather and an inability to make firm plans, and is only cured by a barn full of hay.

Yesterday was the day. We were on standby for the call from the baler and as soon as it came we swung into action. I was in charge of driving and ropes.

We’d discussed and planned the manoeuvre for weeks – who’d do what and what equipment we’d need. We even took torches in case we had to finish unloading in the dark.

Our team of five swarmed across the paddock, and by dark we were already inside toasting our success, the hay barn replenished and ready for winter.

We’d suffered from hay fever for weeks, but as always the cure was actually enjoyable, working together against time and the weather, and now we can relax and enjoy the summer like everyone else. Except maybe for the fire-fighters.

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