Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Computer Two

Farmdoc's computer died last week. It was five years old - about quarter of a century in computer years. Fortunately he'd learned from a false alarm about 18 months ago, so he'd backed up just about everything. But still there are ongoing problems, in part because things have changed so much in the computer world over the last five years.

Yesterday our friend Craig, who in a previous life was an IT guy, turned up to save the day, armed with equipment, know-how, sympathy, and a box of assorted home grown potatoes. Each variety came in its own labelled brown paper bag -  

Spunta, Seymour Gold, Innovator, Royal Blue, Kipfler, King Edward, Salad Rose

and that special variety - Unsure what these are.

Farmdoc and I adore potatoes - cooked any way you can think of - but more than its value as comfort food, we appreciate the gift as a comforting gesture. I can't wait to bake, mash, chip and cube. Have I left anything out? What's your favourite way of cooking spuds?

Thanks, Craig and Sue, vegetable gardeners extraordinaire. We're glad you won the battle with your property's hungry wildlife population.


  1. I love potatoes any way too. But atm my favourite way is made into gnocchi. With homemade pesto. *Dribble*

  2. Roasted! How could I forget that! With a little olive oil and some Daylesford Organic garlic.

    And I'm dying to try your gnocchi with pesto, Meg. I've got some old Desirees I'm saving for just that purpose. I'll let you know how it goes.