Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Room With a View

I've turned my desk around so that instead of facing this:

it now faces this:

I know. Crazy, eh. But the trouble with a passive solar house is that in winter the sun comes in the north-facing windows and I had to keep my blind pulled down all the time. So there was no point in having a view I couldn't see anyway.

I quite like this set up, with nothing to distract me. I'll see how it works. Maybe in summer, when the eaves shade the house, I might move the desk back to where it was.

Where do you work? Do you prefer a view, or do you find it distracting?

Most visual artists I know listen to music - sometimes quite loudly - while they work. When I'm at home I need silence but when I write in coffee shops I like the music and the buzz of sound. I find that somehow it helps me concentrate. Often I'll listen to something to get me in the mood and then turn it off. Or I'll listen to the same piece of music over and over again. What about you? What do you prefer, or doesn't it make any difference to you?


  1. You'll crick your neck looking over your shoulder at the view!
    I have a north-facing window in my office, overlooking the veggie garden, and two cats who insist on miming through the glass, regardless of whether or not I've left the door ajar for them.
    As for music, if and when I remember, I have a playlist called "Ali's Writing Music" set up on my iPod - mostly classical and ambient.
    By the way, your desk looks remarkably devoid of clutter...I feel ashamed!

  2. Oh the insufferable hardship of living in a passive solar house, WriterBee.
    Actually I'm not referring to your writing desk, but rather to the insufferable hardship of living in a passive solar house - when you're not here with me.

  3. Kittykatmandoo, moving the desk was a great opportunity to do some tidying. Usually my desk is disgusting - especially because it is actually an old kitchen table so it's quite big and has room for many piles. And even so, I didn't show the whole thing - just the clearest part!

    I love the idea of the cats showing off for attention too!

    It'll be interesting to see if it works for me, facing the blank wall, but I have been facing a blank blind anyway, so it shouldn't make much of a difference.

  4. i change my mind every now and then. sometimes a white wall is relaxing, sometimes it drives me completely insane.