Friday, July 31, 2009

Your Humble Servant

My editor asked writer, moral philosopher and educator, Raimond Gaita, who is the author of amongst other works, the highly acclaimed memoir, Romulus my Father (now a terrific film starring Eric Bana) if he would endorse my book.

He said he would read it, which thrilled me because I so admire him. Then, after he'd read it, he agreed to endorse it.

This week he sent in his endorsement. This is what he wrote:
‘Vivienne Ulman has written a heartrendingly beautiful book, moving and sometimes unsettling. She writes with a truthful love that struggles for lucidity about what it can mean to suffer from Alzheimer's disease, to love and, in more than one sense, to lose someone who suffers from it. Outstanding is her portrait of her father who cared for his wife with a love that was both romantic and saintly. The story of this wondrously good man will inspire and humble readers of all kinds and ages for years to come.’
I asked my daughter M, who is an experienced blogger, whether I could blog this, if it wasn't too vain of me, and she said I could, as long as I was humble about it.

I don't actually know if I feel humble. I am enormously proud and thrilled and delighted to have a man I respect so greatly say such amazing things about my writing and about my father, but I'm not sure if I feel humble. I decided to blog it anyway. I was too excited not to share.


  1. I think that the rest of this year and probably next year at the very least, are officially a humility free zone for you. You have worked so hard for this and you deserve to be proud, thrilled and delighted. I know I am so proud of you. XX

  2. We are the humble ones, really. So you excited for you, Mum. xx