Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekend Breakfast

Seriously, one of life's greatest pleasures must be the lazy weekend breakfast, preferably shared, whether at home or in a cafe.

Thanks E and J for this morning's offering of Daylesford Organics poached eggs on Il Fornaio toast served with soy ginger mushrooms and spinach from the Victoria Market, and accompanied by Brother Baba Budan coffee.

Food great, coffee great, company greatest.


  1. Oooh we've got a lot to live up to tomorrow morning. At least we've got some of the same ingredients. That's a start......XX

  2. My sunday breakfast was in bed with tea toast and the newspaper. a rare event, a rare delight.

  3. Our Sunday breakfast was toast with Kate's home-made jam and Brendon-made coffee and was accompanied by lots of hugs and kisses